The Oncoming Storm, A Doctor Who Spinoff Media Podcast, is brought to you by Mad Norwegian's Josh Wilson and Timegate's Ashley Raburn, along with Jeff Polier and Rachel Stewart. The Oncoming Storm exists to inform you about the best and brightest books, audios, comics, etc from the Doctor Who universe! From Big Finish to Virgin Books to Titan Comics... This is the Doctor Who you won't find on television!
The Oncoming Storm Ep 93: NA # 23 - Punk Rock Grrls

Anarchy! Anarchy! Anarchy! The Oncoming Storm is ready to overthrow the government in the name of the people in episode 93. Remember when England was almost overthrown by aliens and the Queen shot in 1976? Of course it happened! Just look at No Future by Paul Cornell. The 7th Doctor, Ace, and Benny aren't really speaking any more, so it's the perfect time to face the enemy behind all of their troubles of late, right? There's old enemies, betrayals, and 1970's haircuts aplenty as Josh, Ashley, and Rachel look at the book that wraps up the Alternate History cycle. But first, let's take a look back at the conventions of the last few week! The Oncoming Storm... This time, you won't believe who we have back to menace the Doctor. Really, you wouldn't. 

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 92: BF # 37 - Interesting Choice of Words

This week, The Oncoming Storm has an interesting episode for you! In episode 92, your interesting hosts, Josh, Ashley, and Sacha are looking at the Big Finish audio story The Sandman by Simon A Forward. It seems, though, that the 6th Doctor has left one of those interesting word entities from his last Big Finish story discussed, so talking about The Sandman is harder than it appears! Your hosts face this interesting problem with resolve however, and talk of The Doctor's heel turn, the emersive alien word, and other interesting aspects of the play. We think you'll really be interested in this one! The Oncoming Storm... This week, it gets all interesting!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 91: BF #36 Finding God... in a nightclub???

Wow. Look at that cover. Isn't it beautiful??? Sorry, sorry. Got distracted there for a moment. Welcome to episode 91 of The Oncoming Storm! Once again threatened by ice and power outages, Josh, Ashley, and Sacha are braving the elements to bring you a look at Big Finish story # 36, The Rapture by Joseph Lidster. It's the first in a long line of Doctor Who universe contributions by Mr. Lidster. How does this week's crew find his debut piece? Will they reach a higher level of being, or just be forced to listen to a bunch of crappy club music? Join us to find out! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got angels! And they're not those one trick pony Moffat kind either! And they're really aliens. Spoilers.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 90: NA # 22 - It's Gone All Meta in Here

It's finally time! Time to go back... to the New Adventures! After some time spent wrapping up the year or talking about some silly anniversary, The Oncoming Storm returns to it's original mission! Episode 90 sees Josh, Ashley, and Rachel looking at the penultimate story in the Alternate Universe arc, Conundrum by Steve Lyons. The Oncoming Storm is no stranger to the prolific Lyons, but this was his first entry into writing for Doctor Who. We know Josh is a Lyons fan, and Ashley seems ready to crown a new favorite, but how will Rachel react to her first ever New Adventure? The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a superhero, a witch, a bumbling detective, and a young Gary Russell. Yeah, it's gonna be one of THOSE stories.

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