The Oncoming Storm, A Doctor Who Spinoff Media Podcast, is brought to you by Mad Norwegian's Josh Wilson and Timegate's Ashley Raburn, along with Jeff Polier and Rachel Stewart. The Oncoming Storm exists to inform you about the best and brightest books, audios, comics, etc from the Doctor Who universe! From Big Finish to Virgin Books to Titan Comics... This is the Doctor Who you won't find on television!

This week, Josh and Ashley are still playing a bit of catchup, so they're only covering one New Adventure this episode, Marc Platt's  Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible. And its a good thing too, because this book is just chock full of paradoxes and multiple time streams and it takes the full strength of your podcaster's miniscule mental capabilities to keep track of it all. Break out the pen and paper kids; you're gonna need a flow chart to follow along with this one. To finish up the episode, Ashley and Josh take a look at their first comic strip, Cat Litter, from DWM # 192. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got cats! ...Well, not really. What's the deal with all the cat references anyway???

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  • Thanks for the kind words Conrad! I'm glad you like the territory we cover. I sometimes wonder if we're too far off into the niche side of things, but it's the stuff that we really love that motivates us to cover the New Adventures and other spin off stuff. As long as we have someone out there like you that appreciates the material we are covering, we'll continue to put out content. Thanks for listening!

    posted by: Josh Wilson on 2012-04-26 03:51:02

  • Great podcast. Really enjoyed your analysis of Time's Crucible and I look forward to more NA talk soon. Keep up the good work as this is territory which hasn't been covered by any other podcasts that I'm aware off and is invaluable.

    posted by: Conrad Slater on 2012-04-18 13:32:15

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