The Oncoming Storm, A Doctor Who Spinoff Media Podcast, is brought to you by Mad Norwegian's Josh Wilson and Timegate's Ashley Raburn, along with Jeff Polier and Rachel Stewart. The Oncoming Storm exists to inform you about the best and brightest books, audios, comics, etc from the Doctor Who universe! From Big Finish to Virgin Books to Titan Comics... This is the Doctor Who you won't find on television!
The Oncoming Storm Ep 112: BF # 46 - It Doesn't Matter If It's Black or White

Oooooohhhhh, we are horrible, sniveling podcaster things, who must suffer at the hands of our listeners. Each week, we are treated worse and worse, as the hate crimes against podcasters increase. If you were kind and honorable listeners, you would certainly take the time to listen to episode 112 of The Oncoming Storm, wherein we talk about Flip Flop by one Jonathan Morris. Do you want to perform hate crimes against us? That's what you are doing  by not listening to your miserable, ugly hosts Josh, Ashley, Sacha, and Rachel discuss Slithergees, predestination paradoxes, and the sex lives of presidents. We even pander to your base desires and talk about "The Doctor", although it probably makes no difference to you. Take pity upon us, RIGHT NOW, and listen to our humble thoughts... then listen to all 112 episodes again. Just to show you aren't as horrible as us.

The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got two of everybody. That certainly won't get confusing.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 111: BF #45 Forge-ing Ahead

Once again, The Oncoming Storm is faced with that amoral government organization who reverse engineers alien technology, Torchwood The Forge! That's right, the nefarious agent Nimrod is back, menacing not just one, but two Doctors, in Project: Lazarus by Cavan Scott & Mark Wight! Big Finish continues with their experimental phase as they give us a release with not just one, but two stories, detailing the Forge's evil Project: Lazarus! What is this secret project, and why is it so necessary that the Doctor take part? Join Josh, Ashley, Rachel, and Sacha as they venture to the cold tundra of Norway to find out! That, plus the news of the week, featuring the return of one of Ashley's favorite villains! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a LOT of Doctors... more than you'd think even from the CD cover!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep #110: Dalek Empire II - Dalek Harder!

Episode 110 of The Oncoming Storm is upon you! This week, as a birthday present to Ashley, the crew has decided to let him go back to Dalek Empire! Dalek Empire II - Dalek Harder  Dalek War by Nicholas Briggs sees the return of Kalendorf, Susan Mendes, and all our old friends from Dalek Empire 1, along with some other dimensional Daleks. A team up with other dimensional Daleks in order to fight the Daleks who enslaved you can't go wrong, right? Join Ashley, Josh, Sacha, and Rachel as they discuss the horrors of (Dalek) war, obvious traps, and just how awful Alby Brook really is. All of that, plus a discussion where you hear your hosts' opinion on exactly what makes for good Doctor Who spin off material! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got Varga Plants! Because why shoot someone, when you can just prick them with a giant, crazy-inducing cactus!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 109: NA # 27 - The Original Wholock

Doctor Who. Sherlock Holmes. The Cthulhu Mythos. No, these are not just some of our favorite things at The Oncoming Storm. Well, we mean, they are, but that's not why we're talking about them today. No, today sees Josh, Ashley, and Rachel talking about why may be the greatest crossover ever seen in episode 109! That's right, this week your hosts are discussing All-Consuming Fire by Andy Lane! Witness the Doctor and Holmes in their battle of wits! The consummate pairing of Bernice and Watson! Or if you like a bit of rough, Watson and Ace! It's time to channel our inner Tumblr... on a book that came out almost 20 years before there was such a thing as Wholock! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a human suitcase who can make you spontaneously combust! And that's one of the less crazy things in the book!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 108: BF #44 The Impact of Meddlesome... Time Travelers

We are now two weeks into June... and there is no Bernice Summerfield box set released yet for Josh to moon over. So in the meantime, Josh, Ashley, and Rachel are back to record episode 108 of The Oncoming Storm podcast! To start things off, there's discussion of what your hosts have been up to lately, and that means a lot of con talk! During the conversation, Josh has a moment, and his heart grows three times its size! Once that's all over with, it's time for the main event, talking about the Big Finish story Creatures of Beauty by Nicholas Briggs. It's a tale of confusion and repercussions, told in a unique, non linear way. Will your hosts succomb to its alluring ways, or will they become lost in the non traditional storytelling? The Oncoming Storm... This time, out story we've sync got crazy a of... of with stabbing lots!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 107: BF # 43 Belting Buccaneers and Descanting Doctors

Warm up your vocal chords everyone! This isn't an ordinary episode of The Oncoming Storm. That's right, episode 107 is the musical episode! Well, it would have been, if Ashley and Rachel had let Josh have his way! But alas, gentle listener, you will just have to be content with the soothing sounds of Colin Baker singing, in Doctor Who and the Pirates, or The Lass Who Lost a Sailor, by Jacqueline Rayner. What's that? You don't like musicals? Well tough, because this is one story that is worth it! Stick around for the best little comedy-drama-musical with heart you've heard in ages! We dare you to not be humming along to "I Am the Very Model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer" by the end of it! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a pirate... with 2 Peg Legs! Of course he does! It's in the story!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 106: Emperor of the Daleks - Continuity Comics!

It's the last week in May, which means it will soon be June! And you know what that means!?! If you answered "The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield  is coming out!", then you must either work for Big Finish, or be Josh. In his excitement over the impending release, Josh has taken over the subject matter of the podcast, and it's all Benny, all the time! This week, that means a return to the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip in the days where Benny graced it's pages. That means it time to talk about Emperor of the Daleks, by Paul Cornell and Lee Sullivan! In a linking of continuity you wouldn't believe, this comic shows everyone how Davros went from being arrested by Daleks to leading his own faction of Imperial Daleks! Which wouldn't be complete without a visit to Spiridon of course! Ashley, Josh, and special guest Jeff Polier also take some time to answer what old comic concept or character they'd like see return to the strips! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got two Docs, a Daak, and the loveliest archeologist ever to grace Doctor Who!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 105: NA # 26 - 3 Podcasters in Search of a Review

Time to put on your Sunday best! The Oncoming Storm is taking you to the theatre. The Theatre... of War! Episode 105 sees your hosts Josh, Ashley, and Rachel returning once more to the New Adventures, this time looking at a novel that will change the landscape of Doctor Who universe for years to come. The 26th New Adventure, Theatre of War by Justin Richards features the Doctor, Ace, and Benny getting involved with an archeological dig on the planet Menaxus where they have to face the forces of living mud, murderous virtual reality creations, and the machinations of one Irving Braxiatel! There is also news, featuring new books, new audios, and new ways to mispronounce Humble Bundle! The Oncoming Storm.... This time, we've got living statues! No, not Weeping Angels silly. The OTHER living statues!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 104: BF # 42- Flame On!

Once again, Big Finish returns to the land of the New Adventures... and Josh couldn't be happier! Episode 104 of The Oncoming Storm sees Josh, Ashley, and Sacha taking a look at The Dark Flame by Trevor Baxendale. There's ancient evils, a bad ass Ace, and Benny. Sweet, sweet Benny. While Josh is basking in the dulcet tones of Lisa Bowerman, Ashley and Sacha are discussing if this story captures the era of the New Adventures at all, and questioning why there are two stories in a row that feature all powerful entities fueled by old, dead bodies. But before all of that fun can begin, your hosts answer the question, "What would be your perfect audio story?" The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got yet another ancient entity hailing from another uni- <Yawn> You know, you probably know the routine by now.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 103: BF # 41 - Witchy Woman

Take a gaggle of cackling witches, some space mercenaries, and a quest for a relic of power, and you've got the basis of a standard, but potentially interesting Doctor Who story right? What if the writer added in cannibalism, beheadings, tongue extraction, and attempted rape? Still interested? In episode 103 of The Oncoming Storm, Josh, Ashley, and Sacha look at Nekromanteia by Austen Atkinson. It is not a pretty story, that much is evident. But is it any good? That's what your hosts will attempt to find out. But first, there's a TON of news, with lots of things coming from Big Finish, and a new exciting announcement from BBC Books! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got, well, a lot of unpleasant stuff really. But hey, at least Peri is naked in this one! Ok yeah, that kinda creeped us out too.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 102: Steve Moore Retrospective - Soulful Cybermen and Magic Aliens

On March 16th 2014, the world of Doctor Who Spin Off Media lost one if its original pioneers. Steve Moore was one of the first writers to write the Doctor Who comic strips for Doctor Who Weekly. While Doctor Who comic strips were nothing new, the Doctor Who Weekly strips were some of the first serious attempts to write stories that fit into the ongoing continuity of the television show and was written for a more sophisticated audience. The infulence of the material written by Steve Moore cannot be ignored, and he created several fan favorite characters that added to the expanding universe of Doctor Who. In episode 102 of The Oncoming Storm, join Josh and guests Jeff Polier and Alan Siler as they discuss two of Steve Moore's early Doctor Who stories, including the genesis of one of Steve Moore's biggest contributions to Doctor Who, Kroton the Cyberman with a soul! Also, there's a story about an alien witch. It's as crazy as it sounds. The Oncoming Storm... this time, we've got Meltron! He's awesome. And I'm pretty sure he could beat you to death with his turkey leg.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 101: NA # 25 - The Reference Game

The week passed without incident, and everyone at The Oncoming Storm HQ is still in a good mood from last week's celebration. Since Ashley was on his bestest behavior all week, Josh and Rachel have decided that they will let Ashley in on reviewing the next New Adventure, Legacy by Gary Russell. Ice Warriors, a return to Peladon, Alpha Centauri... You're think Ashley's secret diary was being reviewed! The 7th Doctor and Benny are playing Columbo as they track down a thief and murderer among Peladon's mixture of delegates and royalty. Meanwhile on the show, Ashley lectures everyone on why the Peladon stories are great, Rachel is lost amid all the continuity, and Josh is harboring a deadly secret that could bring down the entire podcast! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got Peladon, the CIA, Goth, Deva Loka, Telos, the 3rd Doctor, Mavic Chen... er, what DON'T we have??? Oh, right. Ace.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 100: BF #100 - (100) Days of Podcasting

Break out the booze and party favors! Throw on your fancy dress! It's time to celebrate! We've rolled out the red carpet for The Oncoming Storm's 100th Episode! That's right, in fine media tradition, we're being all self congratulatory and self important as we toast the most important things in our lives... us! But since the listeners may want some actual content, we don't stop there. Josh, Ashley, Rachel, and Sacha take a look at 100, the anthology release from Big Finish  by Jacqueline Rayner. Robert Shearman, Joe Lidster, and Paul Cornell. How well do a bunch of single episodes work around the theme of 100? Join in on the party and find out! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we're 100! Please excuse the self indulgence. We're centenarians now. Sometimes you just have to let the old farts have their fun.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 99: BF # 40 - DalekCast (a Podcast with a picture of a Dalek)

It's episode 99 of The Oncoming Storm! We're one away from the big 1-0-0, and in all the excitement, we're starting the celebration a little bit early. And what better way to celebrate than with a Jubilee?!? That's right, this week sees Josh, Ashley, Sacha, and Rachel discussing the Big Finish classic, Jubilee by Rob Shearman. Make no bones about it, they all agree upfront that it's a great audio, but that doesn't mean there's a lack of topics to talk about! From discussing the difference between Jubilee and Dalek, to the stellar performances from all involved, your hosts can't seem to stop talking about this one! All that, and this week's spin off media news is covered. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got electrocutions, stabbings, AND beheadings! It is a Rob Shearman story after all!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 98: NA #24 - A Tragedy of Epic Proportions

Ashley's back! Which means we can actually talk about Tragedy Day! Sorry for the delay! So yes, this week sees your hosts, Josh, Ashley, and Rachel head back to the New Adventures to talk Tragedy Day by Gareth Roberts. The Doctor, Ace, and Benny have finally worked out all of their problems and have let the TARDIS decide on a random destination for them to land, That always works out right? It's a tale of disgusting mutants, secret societies, and all powerful friars. Oh, and the giant spider assassin. But before they get to that, there's this week's discussion topic to talk about, "Do you prefer a darker or lighter Doctor, and how dark should he be allowed to go?" The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a deadly disco dancefloor! I bet you thought we'd go back to the spider guy didn't you?

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 97: BF DWM 3-4 - That One with the Talking Mouse

Yes, we know. This week was supposed to be our episode on the next New Adventure, Tragedy Day. Unfortunately, events beyond out control (Ashley) made it so we couldn't record that particular episode. We sincerely apologize (blame Ashley) but to make up for it, Josh, Sacha, and Rachel (Not Ashley) are here for episode 97 to cover the next two Doctor Who Magazine Big Finish freebies, No Place Like Home by Iain McLaughlin and Living Legend by Scott Gray. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some discussion on two light hearted stories featuring the 5th and 8th Doctors, and we'll be back on schedule next week. The Oncoming Storm... this time, we've got two Doctors. a talking mouse, and no Ashley!

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The Oncoming Storm EP 96: BF # 39 - BANG BANG, You're Dead!

Dying is easy... Comedy is hard. Or at least, very subjective! Episode 96 of the Oncoming Storm sees a schism in the ranks form, as your hosts Josh, Ashley, Sacha, and Rachel take sides in the discussion of Bang Bang A Boom! by Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman. Pantomime is in the air as the Seventh Doctor and Mel get involved in galactic politics, a song contest, and... MURDER (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN)! The bad jokes, and worse puns, are flying left and right. It's silly parody to the extreme, but is it any good? Before our hosts give their opinions though, they take time to debate the discussion topic of the week: Should Doctor Who do outright parody stories? Join the team and find out who has can take a (bad) joke, and who might need surgery to remove the stick from his posterior! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a talking hamster! Like Jar Jar Binks, only furrier.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 95: BF #38 - Double Vision

Engarde! Wei, Wei zhis weeeek, Zee Oncoming Storm iz goings to France, so everyone iz speeking in zee zilly Frrench accentz! Wait, what? No one is doing that? Really? The American story get Foghorn Leghorn and the France story nothing? Alright then. The management sincerely apologizes for that horrible mistake. To make up for it, we give you a discussion on fantastic piece of audio, The Church and the Crown by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright. Swordfights, betrayal, and mistaken identity abound... it must be time for another historical! Who will you side with, Louis and his Musketeers? Or that scheming Cardinal Richelieu? The answer may surprise you! The Oncoming Storm... This time, it's all for one and... ... ... oh come on!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 94: Gallifrey Seaon 1 - High Collared Politics

Another week, another Oncoming Storm! In episode 94, it's time to put away the ripped jeans and Mohawks from last week, and trade them in for some robes with high collars! Or some animal skins if you'd rather. That's right, Josh, Ashley, and Sacha are heading to Gallifrey! Join your hosts as they discuss the entire first series of Big Finish's Gallifrey. As they wade through the backstabbing, lies, and betrayals that come with Gallifreyan politics, there's discussion on the nature of a friendship between a president and a savage, temporal shenanigans, and why Brax is the best. The Oncoming Storm... The time, GALLIFREY STANDS... or used to stand... I mean, this is what it was like before that whole fall thing.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 93: NA # 23 - Punk Rock Grrls

Anarchy! Anarchy! Anarchy! The Oncoming Storm is ready to overthrow the government in the name of the people in episode 93. Remember when England was almost overthrown by aliens and the Queen shot in 1976? Of course it happened! Just look at No Future by Paul Cornell. The 7th Doctor, Ace, and Benny aren't really speaking any more, so it's the perfect time to face the enemy behind all of their troubles of late, right? There's old enemies, betrayals, and 1970's haircuts aplenty as Josh, Ashley, and Rachel look at the book that wraps up the Alternate History cycle. But first, let's take a look back at the conventions of the last few week! The Oncoming Storm... This time, you won't believe who we have back to menace the Doctor. Really, you wouldn't. 

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 92: BF # 37 - Interesting Choice of Words

This week, The Oncoming Storm has an interesting episode for you! In episode 92, your interesting hosts, Josh, Ashley, and Sacha are looking at the Big Finish audio story The Sandman by Simon A Forward. It seems, though, that the 6th Doctor has left one of those interesting word entities from his last Big Finish story discussed, so talking about The Sandman is harder than it appears! Your hosts face this interesting problem with resolve however, and talk of The Doctor's heel turn, the emersive alien word, and other interesting aspects of the play. We think you'll really be interested in this one! The Oncoming Storm... This week, it gets all interesting!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 91: BF #36 Finding God... in a nightclub???

Wow. Look at that cover. Isn't it beautiful??? Sorry, sorry. Got distracted there for a moment. Welcome to episode 91 of The Oncoming Storm! Once again threatened by ice and power outages, Josh, Ashley, and Sacha are braving the elements to bring you a look at Big Finish story # 36, The Rapture by Joseph Lidster. It's the first in a long line of Doctor Who universe contributions by Mr. Lidster. How does this week's crew find his debut piece? Will they reach a higher level of being, or just be forced to listen to a bunch of crappy club music? Join us to find out! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got angels! And they're not those one trick pony Moffat kind either! And they're really aliens. Spoilers.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 90: NA # 22 - It's Gone All Meta in Here

It's finally time! Time to go back... to the New Adventures! After some time spent wrapping up the year or talking about some silly anniversary, The Oncoming Storm returns to it's original mission! Episode 90 sees Josh, Ashley, and Rachel looking at the penultimate story in the Alternate Universe arc, Conundrum by Steve Lyons. The Oncoming Storm is no stranger to the prolific Lyons, but this was his first entry into writing for Doctor Who. We know Josh is a Lyons fan, and Ashley seems ready to crown a new favorite, but how will Rachel react to her first ever New Adventure? The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a superhero, a witch, a bumbling detective, and a young Gary Russell. Yeah, it's gonna be one of THOSE stories.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 89: The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who - A Snowy Comic Finale

The Oncoming Storm is snowed in! That's right, old man winter isn't done just yet, and to prove the point, snow is now covering all of us. But have no fear, even if your hosts weren't able to bring you the normally scheduled episode this week, we have thrown together an episode for you anyway! Episode 89 is now featuring The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who, the last IDW comic release, by Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton. It's... not the smoothest of episodes, as Josh is preoccupied in trying to get his wife home after being stuck in traffic for 9 hours (she finally made it home just as recording ended), Ashley is trying to keep warm , and guest Jeff Polier is quite sick with a horrible cough! Join us to see what happens when we try to throw together an episode at the last minute and all that follows! The Oncoming Storm.... This Time, we've got snow. A Lot of Snow. And zero preperation!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 88: BF DWM 1-2 Titanic Meepery

..."No need to ask why, do it for the Most High, you are Beeps friend Conquer Alllllll!"


Ahem. Excuse us. It's just so catchy. Like my mind is being controlled by it. But nevermind that now... It's time for another exciting episode of The Oncoming Storm! In episode 88, Josh, Ashley, and Sacha step back a bit to cover the first freebie stories Big Finish handed out with Doctor Who Magazine! First up is The Last of the Titans by Nicolas Briggs, which sees the 7th Doctor trapped on a space hulk with a simpleton of a giant titanthrope. After that, it's the return of Beep the Meep in The Ratings War, by Steve Lyons. And it's exactly what you would expect. LEt the rending and dismemberment commence! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got puppies! And kitties! And bunnies! All gassed, flayed and served on a stick! All Hail the Most High Meep!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 87: BF #35 Ish ish ishing Ish!

Words. Words. WORDS! That's what The Oncoming Storm is dealing with this week in episode 87! Josh, Ashley, Sacha, and Rachel are back one more, and they're diving right into the English language with a spotlight in ...Ish by Phil Pascoe. The logophiles and English majors in the crew are as happy as can be, but one man dares to stand up and declare his disdain for a story with a bunch of pretty words but no plot. He then proceeds to be mercilessly berated for his thoughts! Will he convince to others, or come around to their thinking? Find out as we pull out our dictionaries and thesauruses to review ...Ish! The Oncoming Storm... Ish time, we Ish Ish the ISH!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 86: BF # 34 - It's All Adric's Fault

The Oncoming Storm is back from Christmas Break! And boy, does it show in episode 86! Josh, Ashley, Sacha, and Rachel are your hosts for the episode, as they struggle to shrug off the leftover holiday cheer and rustiness to get back into lean, mean podcasting shape! After a little bit of "What did we do over the break" talk, your hosts are proud to present their discussion of the Big Finish story Spare Parts by Marc Platt. Heralded by many as the definitive "classic" of the early Big Finish era, Spare Parts gives us a view of the origins of the Cybermen! Does it hold up to it's reputation? Do the Cybermen even need an origin story? Join us as these points and others are stumbled and mumbled over. The Oncoming Storm... This time, YOu WiLL BE LIkE US.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 85: 2013 in Review - Anniversary Highs & Lows

In the last of our episodes recorded before Christmas, The Oncoming Storm comes together again to talk about Doctor Who, and  to reminisce on the year that was 2013. Yes, episode 85 is taking the easy way out and instead of doing something they have to prepare for, everyone is just talking about what they liked and didn't like about Doctor Who in the anniversary year. And despite Josh's attempts to steer things to spinoff media, talk about the year's television episodes creeps in. In-between talk of favorite audio and book releases, there's McGann discussion, anniversary episode discussion, and yes even Moffat bashing. And this was before the Christmas Episode! Sheesh. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a new year! And more McGann love. Always McGann love.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 84: Anniversary e-Book Wrap Up - WWMR (What Would Martha Read)

In the simpler days before the great "Time of the Doctor" schism of Christmas 2013, Josh, Ashley, and Rachel came together to record episode 84 of The Oncoming Storm. With the dream of a peaceful holiday ahead of them, they rejoiced in the season, and turned to talking about the final anniversary e-Books in front of the fireplace, where the stocking had been hung with care. Doctors 8 through 11 were discussed, with such topics as Martha's reading habits, hairy ceilings, and the dreaded 'Mary Sue' talked over at length. Oh, and Neil Gaiman.There were differences of opinion, but camaraderie abounded and a good time was had by all... Even when Ashley was wrong. Want to remember what that was like? Join us, won't you? The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got civil, level headed debate! About Doctor Who??? I know, Crazy right?!? 

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 83: Prisoners of Time Finale - Gotta Catch 'Em All

It's time for the penultimate episode of our anniversary specials coverage! This week on The Oncoming Storm, Josh, Ashley, and special guest Jeff Polier return to the IDW mini series Prisoners of Time. In this oversized episode, your hosts cover the last 5 issues of the series, numbers 8 through 12. Josh is questioning why exactly the Doctor is the Last of the Timelords in a universe of time travel, Ashley is extolling comic coloring of yore, and Jeff is just happy to be considered Sgt. Benton rather than Mike Yates. Do join them for a look at the epic conclusion of this Star Tre-, Doctor Who comic series! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got ALL the Doctors, ALL the companions, and QUARKS! That's right, Quarks. Bet you're glad you listened now.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 82: Destiny of the Doctor 10 & 11 - Doctor Who and the Giant Disgusting Things

Ashley's fumbling with his new mike, Josh is ranting on continuity again, and Rachel is just happy to be here with Catherine Tate... yes it must be Thursday and time for episode 82 of The Oncoming Storm! This week sees your hosts finishing up their coverage of The Destiny of the Doctor series. First up, after some outdated news, is Death's Deal by Darren Jones, read by Catherine Tate! We miss you Donna! Them it all wraps up with The Time Machine by Matt Fitton, read by the lovely Jenna Coleman. Why exactly has the 11th Doctor been popping up along his former selves? Join us as we find out! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got Catherine Tate and Jenna Coleman! Time for some adventures with Donna and... Alice? Wait, what?

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 81: Destiny of the Doctor 8 & 9 Sweet Sweet Paul McGann Kisses

Time is running out in 2013, and The Oncoming Storm has some catching up to do before it's over! In their first leg to make it through the rest of the 50th anniversary material, Josh, Ashley, Hannah, and Rachel are here to cover not just one, but two Destiny of the Doctor releases. After some basking in the glow of Day of the Doctor/Adventures in Time and Space/The Fiveish Doctors, your hosts look at Enemy Aliens by Alan Barnes, featuring the 8th Doctor and canon companion Charley! Once proper attention has been paid to Paul McGann's lips, then it's time for Night of the Whisper by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright. It's the 9th Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack in an adventure in New Las Vegas. And it's not as debauchery filled as you might expect with Jack loose in Vegas. But it does have wolfman gangsters and masked vigilantes! Join us to see if these latest audios pay proper homage to their eras. The Oncoming Storm... This time, BADA BUM BADA BUM BADA BUM BUM BUM!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 80: PDA # 17 A Sidestep? A Step Back? Who Knows?

It's Turkey Day once again in America, but don't let that fool you! This week's episode of The Oncoming Storm features a story that is no turkey! In between overly large family dinners, Josh, Ashley, and Rachel were able to bring to you a discussion about the final story in our month of anniversary specials, The Infinity Doctors by Lance Parkin. Published in celebration of the 35th Anniversary, this book is an odd bird, featuring a Doctor back on Gallifrey, who was married, facing off against Omega... but who supposedly looks like Paul McGann, but is NOT the 8th Doctor. Listen as your hosts try to make sense of it all, catch up on some old news, and Josh enters a level of fan theory that bewilders his co hosts! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've been killed! Several times! Temporal Grace and all that. I'm sure you understand. Um... Could you explain it to us?

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 79: That Other 50th Anniversary Special

We're a podcast on an anniversary special. But probably not the one you were expecting.

That's right. The Oncoming Storm is here with episode 79, in the week of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary! And we're ready to talk about the anniversary story. No, not the one with those two babyfaces and the guy from "Alien" in it. Ashley, Josh, Rachel, Sacha, and special guest Dr. Scott Vigue are here to discuss The Light at the End by Nicholas Briggs, the Big Finish Anniversary special. 8 Doctors, 1 Master, and a slew of companions. Will it be a mess or a masterpiece? But before that, a certain minisode with big implications regarding Doctor Who spin off media is thoroughly analyzed. And we won't lie, drooled over. The Oncoming Storm... This time we've got a whole lotta McGann, and some validation at last. Life couldn't be better.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 78: BF # 50 Zagreus Sits Inside Your Head and Causes Us Much Weeping

OMG DID YOU SEE THAT?!? I WASN'T EXPECTING IT, THEN WHEN HE SHOWED UP... AND WHEN HE SAID THOSE NAMES, I JUST COULDN'T BELIE...  er, wait, what was I saying? Oh right, Zagreus. Sigh...ahem...

Hey everyone, it's time for episode 78 of The Oncoming Storm! It's November, and as we await the 50th Anniversary(HOLY COW WAS THAT PREQUEL AWESOME... no no gotta focus...) proper, we here at Oncoming Storm headquarter are getting ready by looking at Anniversary stories of other media. First up, it's the Big Finish story Zagreus by Gary Russell and Alan Barnes. Wait, please come back! We were gonna have to do it at some point, might as well do it while the good anniversary vibes last. It is an endeavor though, as hosts Josh, Ashley, Sacha, and Hannah trudge through long recounts of exposition and Alice in Wonderland references. Join us, as we try to figure out if Zagreus is as bad as it's reputation, or if it is unduly maligned. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a talking TARDIS, way before that whole Doctor's Wife thing! Eat that Gaiman! 

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_78.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 77: BF #33 Oncoming Storm NOW.INF

And we're back! Again! But not as long between episodes this time. There's been a lot going on at Oncoming Storm HQ, and now you get to see the results! Episode 77 is here, but behind the scenes, we've been calling it Season 2 Episode 1! Your regular hosts Josh and Ashley are still here, but now they have regular backup! Sacha, Hannah, and Rachel are now here to round out this fully armed and operational battlestation! After a rouond of proper introductions, it's time to get back to work, and this week we're back with the 8th Doctor in Neverland by Alan Barnes. This story brings the second Big Finish season of the 8th Doctor Adventures to a close. Was it all worth it? Join us to see what our team thinks! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got anti time particles in our throats. Cuz everyone knows that those pesky things go right for the larynx.

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_77.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 76: NA # 21 Aaaaaaaaand We're Back!

So, did you miss us? Well your hosts, Josh and Ashley, sure missed talking about Doctor Who! Without further ado, it's time for The Oncoming Storm episode 76! Josh and Ashley do their best to shake off the rust and get back down to business, but there's been a lot going on in the world of Doctor Who. To make up for lost time, they take it upon themselves to cover the highlights of the last two months... and find themselves unable to shut up! After 47 minutes(!), they are finally able to get to the main event, talking about The Left Handed-Hummingbird by Kate Orman... and once again, find themselves over the moon to be talking New Adventures again. Josh won't stop gushing and Ashley is really, really concerned about drugs. What is the final consensus? Join the welcome back party and find out! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've back, we're bad, and we're celebrating milestones! It feels so good to be back!  

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_76.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 75: BF #32 Shakespearean Tragedy

This week, Josh and Ashley are pulling their tights over their Dalek bumps, and reciting sonnets in their best electronic warble. It's a Dalek story of Shakespearean proportions on episode 75 of The Oncoming Storm! The Eighth Doctor and Charley star in Time of the Daleks by Justin Richards, as we finally get to hear the Eighth Doctor face off against the Daleks  properly for the first time! And what evil plot do the Daleks have this time? Would you believe a dastardly scheme to ... preserve Shakespeare??? Step through the looking glass with your hosts as they discuss topics like, "do we really need another Dalek story at this point?", or  "Why is Shakespeare in this at all???" The Oncoming Storm... This time, we travel through time using tin foil. And yes, that works. Somehow.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 74: Destiny of the Doctor #7 - Shock & Awe

There's not a lot of time here at the Oncoming Storm, episode 74! Your hosts Josh and Ashley are gearing up for Dragoncon once again. But fear not, gentle listener, in all of their preperations, they have not forsaken you! This early release sees them talking about Destiny of the Doctor # 7, Shockwave by James Swallow. After discussing their plans for the week and a few bits of news, your hosts turn to the story proper, and discussions of Ace's character, how the McCoy years resemble the New Series, and uselessness of guest performers all occur. Also, some time is taken to talk about the actual story. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we're late for the convention! We'll make feeble attempts to be witty again next week!

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_74.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep73: Seventh Doctor Anniversary Stories - "Oh Boy. Annoying, Nice Daleks"

Yes, it's The Oncoming Storm episode 73. You know the drill by now. Josh and Ashley are here, talking Issue # 7 of Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time with guest Jeff Polier, who is visiting live from a submarine thousands of feet underwater! Ot, at least it sounds that way. Then it's ebook time, with The Ripple Effect by Malorie Blackman. Things are talked about, opinions are given, yadda, yadda,yadda. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we just can't be bothered with a description. Just go listen will ya?

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 72: NA # 20 Worst. Name. Ever.

After a journey long traveled, Ashley returns for The Oncoming Storm episode 72! Both regular hosts, Josh and Ashley, are back in action, and trying to recapture that magic they once had together. Luckily, they can finally get around to talking New Adventures again, so it should be just like riding a bike, right? Or maybe a sports car TARDIS? This week, The Dimension Riders by Daniel Blythe is the topic of discussion. The Doctor, Ace and Benny are separated in different time zones, facing off against Time Soldiers and naff Master wannabes. Join your hosts as they discuss old story references, Monster name choices, and that really icky death scene. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got time beam gun things. They'll age you to dust! Or a baby we guess, if that one Time Soldier feels like having a laugh.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 71: Excelis Trilogy "Boy, Giles sure sounds cray-cray"

It's time for Episode 71 of The Oncoming Storm, and once again, Josh finds himself alone. So rather than develop a complex about it, Josh turns to the wheels of fate, and finds himself two reliable fill in hosts, Dr. Scott and Sacha of The Articles of the Shadow Proclamation and Dr. Geek's Lab! And because Josh wants to reward such loyalty, it's time for one of the "special" episodes, and this time, it's all about the Excelis trilogy. Or is that Quadrilogy? Tetralogy? Whatever. Covered in this episode is Excelis Dawns by Paul Magrs, Excelis Rising by David McIntee, Excelis Decays by Craig Hinton, and Plague Herds of Excelis by Stephen Cole. There's guest stars abound, with stories filled with road trips, séances, and just plain depressing stuff. And Josh even says nice things about a Stephen Cole story. Well, nice-ish. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we're taking the ol' Number 22 to Putney Common.  Drinks all around!

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_71.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm EP 70: BF # 31  Creepy Eyeholes

He's back! Well, for 1 week at least. Yes, Ashley has return in time for The Oncoming Storm episode 70! After dusting down the place after all of the people sitting in his spot, Ashley is ready to talk Doctor Who again, and Josh can't stop him, no matter how much he threatens. This week, its the return to the Eighth Doctor's adventures in audio, with Nicholas Briggs's Embrace the Darkness. Your hosts are keeping their eyes on the dark spots in the room, in order to, well, keep their eyes! Creepy cliffhangers, cool giant robots, and the Doctor's depressive moods are on topic for discussion this time around. Just stick close to the light. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got no eyes! EMBRACE THE DARKNESS

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_70.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 69: Destiny of the Doctor #6 - Hands off the Doctor!

Once again without his co-host, Josh must discover the new world of The Oncoming Storm episode 69 alone! Luckily, he is a resourceful podcaster, and is able to signal for help using some string and coconut shells! Answering the call are Substitute Podcaster Scott Coles, and fangirl extraordinaire Hannah! Strap yourself in folks, cuz this one is a bit different from the usual fair, as your guest hosts are certainly not afraid to let loose. Salty language is in the air, crass jokes are made, and much laughing is present. Oh, you want to know the story for the week too? Trouble in Paradise by Nev Fountain, performed by Nicola Bryant. Happy now? Hope you enjoying listening as much as your hosts enjoyed recording it! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got Space Buffalo. And that's not a euphemism. No matter how hard we try to make it one.

Check out more of Scott and the other Legion of Substitute Podcasters at

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 68: Sixth Doctor Anniversary Stories - Penguins vs. Dinosaurs

The Sixth Doctor is a complex man, often misunderstood and made a pariah. Though he had many companions, it often seemed he was alone... Josh understands, because in episode 68 of The Oncoming Storm, he finds himself once again abandoned by his partner Ashley. Good thing Jeff Polier was due to stop by to talk the latest issue of Prisoners of Time! After Josh ropes Jeff into joining him for an entire episode talking about ol' Sixie, the exciting events of issue # 6 of the comic are discussed, then they move onto the topic of the ebook, Something Borrowed by Richelle Mead. Does it stack up to last month's ebook? And just who is that glamorous woman with the large shoulder pads underneath that veil? Find out in this week's episode! The Oncoming Storm... this time, the bitch is back!

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_68.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 67: BF # 30 Seriously? THESE are the new Lords of Time?

Ni Hao listeners! Welcome to The Oncoming Storm episode 67! A nice relaxing vacation in Singapore awaits. Go to the tea gardens, relax with a nice cuppa, and wait for the nice immortal man to show up to tell you he's killed you in the past. Only in Doctor Who... And this week, the focus is on Seasons of Fear by Paul Cornell and Caroline Symcox. As the Doctor and Charley get caught up in the web of time, your hosts Josh and Ashley take some time to discuss the story, then wildly spin off into tangents about Charley vs Lucy Miller, the Eighth Doctor BBC novel range, and time paradoxes. They do get back around to talking about the story... eventually. Now if only they could go back in time and eradicate this timeline somehow and do an actually good show! The Oncoming Storm... This time, 3! I have seen 3 Nimon! THE NIMON BE PRAISED!!!

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_67.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 66: NA # 19 For the Children

It's been put off long enough. The Oncoming Storm return to the New Adventures in episode 66! Everything looks different around Oncoming Storm HQ. There are tropical plants EVERWHERE, and  we're not sure, but there may be a plesiosaur in the bath. Is it some world altering event? Nope, it's just Blood Heat by Jim Mortimore! And while they may not have the special edition version of the story to talk about, Josh & Ashley think this week's book is already pretty special! Join them as the discussion turns to the effectiveness of parallel world stories, the Brigadier's bloodthirtyness, and ask, "Should there have been another way?" The Oncoming Storm... This time... yeah ok, it's dinosaurs. You knew it, we knew it, no point in trying to be clever.

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_66.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 65: Destiny of the Doctor #5 - Now You See Me...

Magic tricks, wild animals, fortune tellers... The Oncoming Storm is heading to the carnival in episode 65! Join your hosts Josh and Ashley as they grab their candy floss and take a listen to the 5th installment of Destiny of the Doctor, Smoke and Mirrors by Steve Lyons and read by Janet Fielding. It's got Houdini, alien crystals, and a surprise guest villain! (Though if you pay attention to classic Who at ALL, it's not really a surprise). And there's outdated news talk! Listen to two men full of hope discuss possibilities in the news section, before the awful truth would hit them the next day... The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a magic ball that sees the future! Well, okay, it's a magic 8-ball, and it's stuck on "Outlook Hazy" but that still counts right?

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_65.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 64: 5th Doctor Anniversary Stories - The Ugly Truth

Episode 64 of The Oncoming Storm is here... and while they may be older and losing their hair, your hosts Josh and Ashley won't let that stop them from enjoying the fruits of 5th Doctor month! It's another two-fer episode as Josh & Ashley are first joined by Jeff Polier again to look at issue number 5 of Prisoners of Time, featuring the 5th Doctor, a boatload of companions, some Rutons, Sontarans, and a partridge in a pear tree. After their latest comic roasting, Josh & Ashley, then look at Tip of the Tongue by Patrick Ness... and Josh won't stop going on and on about it! Strap in for this one folks! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got the best episode yet! I am lying to overcome a deep seated insecurity brought on by mommy issues. STOP THAT TRUTH TELLER!!!

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_64.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 63: BF # 29 For Whom the Bell Chimes

Okay, lesson learned. Never proclaim during recording that everything is back on schedule for the future. Fate will surely step in to make a liar out of you! Now that power has return to Oncoming Storm HQ, Episode 63 can be released! Your hapless hosts, Josh & Ashley, have suffered over the weeks from broken legs to needless 80 hour work weeks... and now it's time they were rewarded! So they are looking at the reputed Big Finish classic The Chimes of Midnight by Rob Shearman. Does it live up to the hype? Well, okay, of course it does. But that doesn't stop Josh and Ashley discussing it with vigor, including talk about the comedy of death, Charley's snobbery, and Josh's overeager fascination with the time paradox. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a sentient house! Ya know, if it had just hooked up with Saul rather then kill all of those people, this all could have been avoided.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 62: THE Andrew Cartmel Interview Part 2

It's here! Part two of the amazing and captivating interview with Andrew Cartmel, on The Oncoming Storm episode 62! Yes, it's a bit late due to unforseen circumstances, but broken legs, rundown cars, and power mad manager can't keep this podcast down! Josh and Ashley talk a little out dated new before throwing it over to Andrew, as he discusses his work for Big Finish, talks some of his comics work, and tells us all about his new novels. Sit back and enjoy! The Oncoming Storm... Yep nothing different here this week! It's late, and we don't have time to try and be witty!


Follow Andrew!

 @andrewcartmel on Twitter

and his blog

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_62.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 61: THE Andrew Cartmel Interview part 1

The Oncoming Storm episode 61 sees Josh triumphantly returning from Timegate, his weary arms full of audio gold after an exhausting convention. And who is he going to celebrate this with this week? Why, It's ... just Ashley, hobbling along as he returns from breaking his leg. Both host's weeks are discussed before turning the episode over to the one and only Andrew Cartmel! Yes, Josh was able to ply Mr. Cartmel with a nice dinner in order to sit down for a lengthy interview about Andrew's career in Doctor Who, after the show was off the air. This week in part 1, Andrew talks about the days right after the show went off the air and his days writing for Virgin. Be prepared to hear a lot of details about the entire War trilogy, so beware potential spoilers if you're like Ashley and not read all of these books yet! The Oncoming Storm... this time, we've got a honest to God Doctor Who Script Editor! Not that we, um, ask any questions about script editing. 

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 60: Destiny of the Doctor #4 Babble On 3

This week, The Oncoming Storm is sticking with the 4th Doctor... this time with more Timelordy goodness as Romana is added to the mix. In episode 60, your hosts, Jash and Ash- no wait, that guy's gone. That's right, we've reorganized at The Oncoming Storm, and that means redundancies. With Ashley gone, Josh turns to a couple of old friends, Dr. Scott Viguie and Sacha Dzuba, from The Articles of the Shadow Proclamation  and Dr. Geek's Laboratory. Their focus this time out is Babblesphere by Jonathan Morris, the 4th installment of Destiny of the Doctor, featuring Lalla Ward as Romana. There's lots of discussion about this weekend's Timegate convention, the evil potential of Twitter, and the CSO of Season 17. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've lost a host! Be sure to tell everyone how you feel about that! And your breakfast! #happydance #Weetabix 


ITunes:                 Dr. Geek’s Laboratory Podcast




Twitter:                @drgeeklab



For Articles of the Shadow Proclamation

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_60.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 59: 4th Doctor 50th Tie In - Climbing the Scarf

Time to put away all the velvet, and pull out our multicoloured scarves & jelly babies! It's 4th Doctor time on episode 59 of The Oncoming Storm! This week, Josh and Ashley  start by tackling the 4th issue of Prisoners of Time, with a little help from returning guest Jeff Polier. It features the 4th Doctor and Leela as they face... the Judoon?!? They will let you know how this first time meeting of a new series monster and a classic Doctor works out! After that, it's The Roots of Evil by Philip Reeve. This latest ebook has the 4th Doctor & Leela fight against a homicidal space tree. One of these stories faithfully recreates the Tom Baker era to a fault. The other has Leela using contractions. Guess which one the guys like? The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got goosing crystalline entities who will whisper sweet nothings in your ear. At least, that's what it looks like to us. 

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_59.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 58: NA # 18 Cyber-Future is NOW!

Welcome... to the Future! Ecological collapse is imminent. Terrorists are everywhere. People are taking cruises to the Artic, just to get away from it all. Welcome to... 2006?!? The Oncoming Storm looks to navigate their way through this crazy future world, in episode 58, where Ashley and Josh are talking Iceberg, by David Banks. David Banks?!? That can only mean one thing: CYBERMEN! Is the return of one of the Doctor's oldest foes worth the effort? Will the Doctor be able to defeat the mechanical menace without his trusty companions? Join your hosts to find out! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got teledildonic devices! Yeah. Don't ask. You don't wanna know.

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_58.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 57: BF #28 Englishman in New York

The Oncoming Storm episode 57 sees Paul McGann return as the 8th Doctor in the best alien invasion/mobster/spy/Nazi/radio play ever heard! This week, Josh and Ashley are talking Invaders From Mars by Mark Gatiss and they are diving right into the pulp 1930's goodness! HORROR at the poor attempts at accents by your hosts! MARVEL as the ghost of Orson Wells is channeled through your headphones! GASP at the star studded guest cast and their impeccable performances! All of this, plus... Can you survive the tension of the A NEW WHO DISCUSSION?!? The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got mobsters! No wait! Aliens! No... we always have those, Russian spies! Hrmm. An effeminate Nazi sympathizer? That's a new one.

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_57.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 56: Destiny of the Doctor #3 The 3rd Doctor - Raw and Uncensored

Josh and Ashley are still in their velvet jackets and capes for Episode 56 of The Oncoming Storm! They continue their look at the Pertwee era anniversary stories with the third AudioGo Destiny of the Doctor release, Vengeance of the Stones by Andrew Smith. This episode is a little different gentle listeners, as due to impending house guests, this episode is going up raw and uncut! If you can make is past the verbal gaffs and long pauses, there is plenty of discussion going on, with talk of why  Season 7 is the best time for the Pertwee era, asking does anybody like Mike Yates, and, of course, discussion ab out Pertwee dating controversies.  The Oncoming Storm... This time, we got a rock.

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_56.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 55: 3rd Doctor 50th Tie ins - The Master Would Not Approve

Break out the hot pants and aviator glasses! Dust off your crushed velvet jackets! The Oncoming Storm is heading back to the early 1970's for episode 55 with two adventures of that man of action, the 3rd Doctor! First up, your hosts, Josh and Ashley, tackle issue #3 of Prisoners of Time, which sees the Doctor, Sarah Jane, the Brigadier(!), and Liz Shaw(!!) facing off against giant talking fish aliens. That seems about right. Then, it's The Spear of Destiny by Marcus Sedgwick, where the Doctor and Jo enter more unfamiliar territory as they go into history to visit the Vikings?!? Listen as your hosts discuss that pesky UNIT dating issue, question just how many companions are needed in these stories, and debate "Is it really a Pertwee anniversary story without the Master?". The Oncoming Storm... this time, we've got The Master... and you will obey us!

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_55.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 54: NA # 17 Where's The Doctor?

Warning! Warning! Fanwanky Theories Alert! This week on The Oncoming Storm, your hosts Josh and Ashley at looking at New Adventure #17, Birthright by Nigel Robinson... and they are throwing out fan theories, pointing out continuity references, and generally being very, very fannish. It's like they're New Adventure writers! As they debate how The Doctor can possibly set up everything in this book and Muldwych's identity, they never lose sight of the one thing they really, really agree on... this book was great! Who needs the Doctor anyway?!? The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a future Doctor! Well, maybe. If you want him to be. Probably.

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_54.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 53: BF # 26 Traken History Lessons

It's time on the Oncoming Storm to visit the history of Doctor Who, to experience an excellent prequel to a well known Classic Series story full of great characterization for the 5th Doctor & Nyssa and full of continuity references to sway even the coldest fanboy's heart! No, not Spare Parts, silly, that's still months away! No, it's Primeval by Lance Parkin in episode 53! Your hosts Josh and Ashley are here to take you through it, and Josh wants to know why there's so much love for Spare Parts, yet no accolades for Primeval? As he outlines his overzealous points in that regard, Ashley is just happy we're traveling back to the history of a planet other than Earth! Join them as they discover the origins of the Keeper of Traken. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got the Source! It burns... It BURNS!

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_53.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 52: Destiny of the Doctor #2 Jumping at Shadows

Normally your hosts, Josh Wilson and Ashley Raburn get along just fine. But in The Oncoming Storm Episode 52, there is dissention in the ranks! Is it over this week's Big Finish/AudioGo story in the Destiny of the Doctor series, Shadow of Death by Simon Guerrier? No, they both seem to really like the story itself. Maybe there is some Doctor Who news that has them in a tizzy? No, it's a pretty light news week. No folks, it's all about some shadows, ones that don't really have a thing to do with this particular story. Once they are able to set aside their differences, there is talk related to the actual story, with praises sung about Frazer Hines, Josh's writer tiers, and the sad lack of Wendy Padbury. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we DON'T have the bloody Vashta Nerada. Seriously. I mean it.

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_52.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 51: 2nd Doctor 50th Tie Ins - Faith Renewed

The Oncoming Storm is now past the half century mark, and now it's time to return to the monthly 50th Anniversary celebrations with February's ebook and comic... no matter how much your hosts Josh and Ashley may not want to after last month's catastrophes. But now it's Patrick Troughton's turn in the spotlight! First up is issue # 2 of Prisoners of Time, IDW's comic miniseries, featuring the 2nd Doctor facing slavers in a space mall! (It's actually better then it sounds!) Oh, and it has some Ice Warriors in it. (Happy Ashley?) After that, Ashley and Josh look at The Nameless City by Michael Scott. The 2nd Doctor is in McCoy territory, as he and Jamie face the Archons, an evil from the Dawn of Time(tm)! Will these two stories make your hosts change their minds about their respective series? Or does the catastrophe continue? Listen and marvel at the difference a month can make! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a Scotsman in a kilt! We've been to cons, we KNOW that's a big draw!

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_51.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 50: NA #16 The Beginning of the Bulis Dynasty

It's Bulis-Time on episode 50 of The Oncoming Storm! Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying that Christopher Bulis left his mark on Doctor Who in the wilderness years, racking up 12(!) books full of trad stories and plots. This week, Ashley and Josh are looking at Bulis's first foray into writing, 1993's Shadowmind. The Doctor, Ace, and Benny are on another vacation... so obviously it must go wrong, with duplicates and gestalt creatures aplenty. Oh and military hardware. Lots and lots of military hardware. Join your hosts as they debate the merits of this debut novel and tell you if it's worth any time at all! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got talking charcoal and telepathic squirrels. Seriously, we can't make this stuff up kids!

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_50.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 49: BF # 25 More Nazis!

Bad German accents? Torture threats? Complete and utter disregard for companion safety? That can only mean one thing! It's Nazis again, in Episode 49 of The Oncoming Storm! That's right, This week Josh and Ashley are heading back to WWII with Colditz by Steve Lyons. Josh remembers it as one of his favorites of early Big Finish? Does it still hold up, or should it be locked away forever in an inescapable castle? There's talk of David Tennant's accent, alternate timeline clichés, and sweet, lovely Klein. The Oncoming Storm... This time, We've got the 10th Doctor. Well... kinda. If the 10th Doctor were an utter bastard with a naff accent. So hey, it IS the 10th Doctor!

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_49.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 48: Destiny of the Doctor #1 Hunting Aliens in 1963

The Oncoming Storm proudly presents the first in our coverage of the 50th anniversary Audios, The Destiny of the Doctor. First up, it's Hunters of Earth by Nigel Robinson. It's read by the first companion of the 1st Doctor, Carole Ann Ford, reprising her role as Susan. This also marks the first time Ashley and Josh have covered a Companion Chronicle style story. That's a whole lot of firsts happening here in Episode 48! Join Ashley and Josh as they settle in for story time, pre Unearthly Child style! Is this type of story telling to their tastes? Find out, as your hosts get to experience yet another first: speculation time! This is no 15 year old storyline, so they finally get to brave the unknown and make (probably incredibly wrong) guesses as to where everything is going! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got an honest to God, good, 1st Doctor anniversary story! I know! I was surprised too!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 47: Bring on the 50th!

It's the end of February 2013, and that means several things: we're a month away from New Who back on television, the 50th anniversary tie ins are now coming out, and The Oncoming Storm is a year old! Yes, Ashley and Josh have stumbled and mumbled through a year of novels, audios, and comics! And what a better way to celebrate the occasion then to start looking at all of this great anniversary tie in material. This week's spotlight is on Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #1, where your hosts are joined by listener Jeff Polier for an overly long discussion on the issue, followed by talk on the e-book, A Big Hand for the Doctor by Eoin Colfer. Do these new items treat our beloved Classic series with the dignity and respect it deserves? Join your hosts to find out, as they enter a new phase of The Oncoming Storm and count down to the 50th! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a new opener, new material, and a new guest host! Now if only we had an old Doctor... 

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 46: NA #15 Doctor Who & the Zombies

Well, no one ever said they were perfect. And due to some technical "issues" Ashley and Josh are unable to bring you the promised coverage of the new comic and ebook. But never fear, because that stuff will be covered next week, and now The Oncoming Storm is proud to bring you their coverage of the next in line of the New Adventures, Doctor Who and the Zombies! Er, we mean White Darkness by David A McIntee. And it's not just about zombies! No, there's Ancient Things from the Dawn of Time(tm), evil Germans, and Voodoo practicing Haitians too! Join your hosts as they talk about what type of horror goes best with Doctor Who, racial overtones in historicals, and generally mispronounce every name in the book. The Oncoming Storm... This time w- IA! IA! CTHULHU FHTAGN!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 45: BF # 24 Sand, Babes, & ... Scorpions???

Episode 45 of The Oncoming Storm is all about The Big Finish story The Eye of The Scorpion by Iain McLaughlin. At least, it's supposed to be. Your hosts Ashley and Josh however, seem to be all over the place this week, in a effort to talk about anything but! Oh, all of the usual topics are touched on, but your hosts seem to be more interested in delving into questions like, "Should new companions be stuck into gaps between stories?" or "Where are all of the historical companions?". How about that age old conundrum, "Why doesn't preventing Erimem from becoming pharaoh piss off Time like that whole Charley thing?" It's a rambley old time in episode 45! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got, oh I dunno... some alien scorpions or something? I was busy with the powerpoint on why we need a historical companion again.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 44: BF # 23 Where are the Sparkly Ones?

The Oncoming Storm takes it first look into the world of The Forge in episode 44! It's the first Project story from Big Finish, Project: Twilight by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright, and Josh can't wait for all of the sparkly vampires and love stories to start! Sadly corrected of those plot point, Josh and Ashley take a bit of the story proper, and get exposed to the nastiest vampire gangsters you'd ever want to meet! Proper sound effects for mutilation and bone breaking are discussed, along with proper blood splatter clean up treatments and which of the bad guy groups are worse. Yeah, it's that kinda story. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got NO sparkly vampires or shirtless werewolves. In a story called Twilight! Isn't there some sort of YA fiction rule being broken here???

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 43: Star Trek/Doctor Who 5-8 Crossover Catastrophe

So it's come to this. The inevitable can no longer be put off. It's time to go once more, into the abyss. Yes, it's The Oncoming Storm episode 43, the conclusion to Star Trek / Doctor Who. Your hosts Ashley and Josh aren't happy about it, the readers couldn't have been happy about it, and we suspect the listeners won't be too happy about it. But it has to be done. It's so bad that Josh can't even be bothered to correct Ashley's pronunciation of Locutus. Will your hosts have the strength to make it through 4 issues of this??? Josh and Ashley know one thing for sure, if they never have to see a discussion between Picard, the Doctor, and Guinan agaib, they will have lived a good life. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we're got more talking... and talking... oh dear lord, the talking. It will forever haunt the boring places of our dreams.

Allyn Gibson's blog:

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 42: NA # 14 New (Year's) Adventures

It's episode 42 of The Oncoming Storm! Your hosts Josh and Ashley are back for their first recording of the new year, and there's a ton to catch up on! After cutting through the swath of news stories and announcements, instead of being witty and making some Douglas Adams connection in this episode, your dauntless hosts are back at the New Adventure grindstone, and looking at the debut novel for some authors who you'll see crop up in Doctor Who circles for years to come. This week, Lucifer Rising by Andy Lane & Jim Mortimore is in the hot seat. As the Doctor, Ace, and Benny investigate a murder mystery on a scientific station, Josh and Ashley talk about Ace's character arc, the Doctor's dirty deeds, and Benny being, well, Benny.  There's misery and death to be had, as well as lots of continuity references...

"An eleven dimensional alien being."

The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got an elev... Dammit Legion, you did it again!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 41: BF #22 Monkeyin' Around

"We're back... and it's about time!"

No? How bout,

"We're back... and not a moment too soon!"

Okay, okay... It's not like it's been 7 years or anything, but after a week's hiatus, The Oncoming Storm is back with episode 41! Your hosts, Ashley and Josh, are fully rested after the winter break, and they're diving into the Big Finish Audio Bloodtide by Jonathan Morris. And yes, those are the pesky Earth Reptiles you hear, The Silurians! Is Bloodtide full of juicy primate meat, or will it leave your hosts dripping wet? Find out, as evolution and religion are debated within seconds of talking about a pantomime horse. That, and New Year's resolutions! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got primate payback... and this time, it's personal!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 40: BF # 27 Christmas Cutaway

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Oncoming Storm! Tis the season for celebration, and your hosts Ashley and Josh are feeling the Christmas spirit, throwing a holiday party, Oncoming Storm Style, and everyone's invited! Who knows what special guests may show up? As everyone is sipping on eggnog and munching on some mince pies, the focus of this holiday special is on Clayton Hickman's  and Gareth Roberts's The One Doctor! It's the time for some Christmas focus, so why shouldn't we skip ahead a bit to look at one of Doctor Who's more Christmasy stories! It's a panto themed romp, so grab some left over eggnog and sit down for the show! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got more guests then you can shake a stick at!... OH NO YOU DON'T! OH YES WE DO! (Ok, well, two).

Links for our Lovely Guests!


ITunes:                 Dr. Geek’s Laboratory Podcast




Twitter:                @drgeeklab



For Articles of the Shadow Proclamation


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The Oncoming Storm Ep 39: BF # 21 Dusty Surprises

It's time for episode 39 of The Oncoming Storm, and it's an uphill battle for your hosts Josh and Ashley. There was bad internet connections, horrible call quality, and non recording computers, but never fear! Your hosts fought tooth and nail to bring you another excellent discussion (though they do apologise for the state the episode is in). Nevertheless, The topic this week is Mike Tucker's Dust Breeding, a fine example on what a surprise reveal can do for a story. Trust us kids, you want to make sure you've listened to the story before you listen to this one. The surprise is discussed in detail, and Ashley is smarter then all of us by not being surprised at all! Also discussed, more accents from Big Finish, mishandled performances, and the news for December 2012. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got... well, that would be telling wouldn't it?

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 38: "Disco Daak" - The Stories of Abslom Daak

It's The Oncoming Storm episode 38 and this time Ashley and Josh are discussing the man who may have killed more Daleks than the Doctor himself, Abslom Daak! Your hosts are looking at the four original main stories featuring Daak from Doctor Who Magazine. These stories include "Abslom Daak Dalek Killer" the two halves of "Star Tigers", and "Nemesis of the Daleks". As Ashley is dancing around for Abslom Daak, there is talk of who should play Daak (Well Ashley does, with time passed Josh now picks Gerard Butler), Daak's connection to the British comics scene, and just how did a guy like Daak get such a reputation which just 4 short comic stories? The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got Daak for reals! And honestly, he's just as smelly and ill tempered as that pesky clone last week. But way not as rapey.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 37: NA #13 Lies My Doctor Told Me

Ace is Back! And so is The Oncoming Storm, as Josh and Ashley look at Deceit by Peter Darvill-Evans. It's the New Adventure debut of "New" Ace- leather bodysuit, mirrored sunglasses and all. And how are your hosts taking to this latest adventure? Well, Ashley is impressed with the all of the space ships and giant brain gestalts, but Josh is in a mood over bad stereotypes. There's debate over sex (again), editorial presence, or the lack thereof (again), and whether a faulty clone can explain it all (ok that's a new one). The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got Daak! Well kind of. Now with new and improved sexual harassment power!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 36: BF #20 Howling Mad

After the brief Thanksgiving interruption, The Oncoming Storm is back on track looking at our next audio adventure, Loups Garoux by Marc Platt. Your hosts Josh and Ashley are very familiar with Mr. Platt's work, and can't wait to dig into another example of his writing. Does Loups Garoux live up to their expectations? Well Josh is gushing and Ashley is complaining about Episode 2 and the lack of explanations. A heated debate breaks out. Exactly what type of mythical creatures do your hosts want in Doctor Who? When they're not talking werewolves and the explanations thereof, Turlough and the Doctor's love life is examined, accents are discussed(again), and Josh tries for the world record in overuse of the word "fantastic". The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got werewolves on a train. Insert bad, outdated Samuel L. Jackson joke here.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 35.5: BF 33.5 Turkey Day

This week, it's the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and the celebration has made it to The Oncoming Storm headquarters. Thanksgiving is notable for for 2 main traditions in America, that of giving thanks for all of the things we have in life, and sitting down in front of a giant bird in supplication before it is eaten. With that in mind, your hosts Josh and Ashley are stepping away form the normal release schedule for a moment and looking at Doctor Who's very own giant talking bird, Frobisher! That means this week's topic is The Maltese Penguin by Robert Shearman. This subscriber special puts Frobisher into his very own detective story, and your hosts are discussing life without the Doctor, Colin Baker's accent work, and playing spot the witty reference! That's not all this week either, as Josh and Ashley, in keeping with the season, pick their turkey's of the year, and find a little something to give thanks for. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a dame to kill for, AND "Peter Lorre"! How could anyone not like that???

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 35: BF # 19 Southern Hospitality

Well I do declare, that dog-gone Oncoming Storm has done gone and got itself a new episode! Episode 35 in fact, and those scalawags Josh and Ashley are lookin' at a doozy of a story, Minuet in Hell by Alan W. Lear & Gary Russell. Yessir, those boys are deep in the south of America... or least what people think what the south of America is like, much to these southern boys chagrin. There's talk about accents... a whole mess o' talk about accents. Once that's out of the way, Josh and Ashley somehow find some time to actually talk about the plot of the story, whether it's debating the merits of sending old men on spy missions, or if demons have a place in Doctor Who. Sit down with a nice mint julep, kick up those feet, and join us won't you? The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got Foghorn Leghorn. Or Boss Hogg. Take your pick. No really, take him. We don't want him.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 34: DWM Comics Pureblood & Flashback "Sontara, we hardly knew ye..."

Another week, another slightly belated episode due to management incompentance! But you hosts are glad you could make it for a look at something off the beaten track. The Oncoming Storm is heading back to comic territory, and this time, it's ones that are actually good! Come back to the days where if you wanted Doctor Who comics, you had to look in Doctor Who Magazine. In these golden days, the comics actually tied into the ongoing New Adventures in one big continuity lovefest. This week, it's Benny's first comic appearance as we look at "Pureblood" from DWM 193-196, as well as a single issue story "Flashback" from the DWM Summer special '94. Josh and Ashley talk continuity clashes, Benny's wardrobe choices, and the secret identity of that one guy who looks like William Hartnell (Shh! It's the First Doctor! Don't tell Ashley I told you!) The Oncoming Storm... this time we've got potato heads. Not the nice kind though, the kind that invade you and take your home for a new homeworld. That kind.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 33: NA #12 Down in the Pit

This is where you would normally be welcomed to the newest episode of The Oncoming Storm, episode 33 in fact. But this time, your hosts just can't seem to gather the will to do it. You see, they've just read and talked about The Pit by Neil Penswick. It has sucked all of the humor out of them. They were lucky to escape with their lives. And if that doesn't tempt you to listen to this episode, nothing will. Luckily for you, you don't actually have to read the thing, you can just listen to this episode to suffer vicariously through Josh and Ashley's anguish. And there's talk of weeks old news!

The Oncoming Storm... this time, we're just kidding. It's not all that bad... or is it??? dun dun DUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 32: BF #18 A Future Historical

Venice! The Queen of the Adriatic, the City of Water, a fairy city of the heart... A hotbed for vampire & ancient aliens??? Join your hosts Josh and Ashley as they accompany the Eighth Doctor and Charley down the serene canals of this fabled city in this week's featured story, The Stones of Venice by Paul Magrs. Your hosts are mesmerized by Paul Magrs's dialogue, so much so that Ashley can't even concentrate enough to focus on the conversation! When Josh is able to wake him up, historical comparisons are made, Josh recounts meeting character actors in bars, and Ashley is fired. And we have a second week of breaking news! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have a surprising lack of vampires in Venice! Mr. Moffat, have you lied to us???

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 31: BF #17 ROBOT ROLECALL!

Ashley and Josh are back, almost on schedule for The Oncoming Storm, episode 31! This time around, your hosts are heading into the future, post Cyber Wars, to look at The Sword of Orion by Nicholas Briggs. That guy again?!? The way he's everywhere in these audios, they'll be putting him on the tv show next! Will Ashley and Josh like this one as much as they liked The Mutant Phase & Dalek Empire? Listen as the merits of retreading old ground, Ashley's inabilty to imagine without correct cover art, and Josh's attempts not to be Negative Nancy are all discussed. That, and some breaking news! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have nasties on an old spaceship, both human and Cyber! And no, Mr. Saward, it's not Earthshock, we promise.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 30: Dalek Empire 1 "Wait, Their Plan Was What?"

It's the second episode of the week for The Oncoming Storm. As Ashley and Josh try to to recover from yet another computer crash resulting in two slightly delayed episodes, Ashley is still in a great mood! Why? Because it's time for Dalek Empire, that's why! This week, your hosts are looking at the entire first series of the seminal Dalek Empire stories, by the multi talented Nicholas Briggs. It's a series of stories WITHOUT the Doctor! And <gasp> the Daleks have never been better for it! Listen as Ashley and Josh discuss just how well the Daleks fare without the Doctor around to hog all the glory, the insanity of Dalek planning, and just how many traitors can fit into one series! The Oncoming Storm... This time we have an Angel of Mercy! Don't Blink!


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The Oncoming Storm Ep 29: NA #11 Turtle Power!

We're back! It's a belated mid week episode of The Oncoming Storm! While we apologise for the delay, we have a special treat for you. We're looking at the debut novel of prolific Who writer Gareth Roberts, writer of many a Who novel and television episode. How does the writer of such episodes as The Lodger and Closing Time do in his 1st attempt? Pretty well if you ask us! See where it all began for Mr. Roberts as Josh and Ashley examine the New Adventure The Highest Science. What is the secret of the Highest Science? What does a train of English commuters and some drugged out hippies have to do with it? And what's a Chelonian? You may just find these answers in The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got giant talking turtles, but they aren't interested in sharing any pizza!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 28: BF # 15 Mutating Mutants!

Daleks! Time Corridors! Unknowing double agents! No, it's not Resurrection of the Daleks, it's The Mutant Phase by Nicholas Briggs, on episode 28 of The Oncoming Storm. The Dalek mutants are, uh, mutating, and it's up to The Doctor to save them. Your hosts Josh and Ashley are digging in to discuss the problems with paradoxes, Ashley's Thal fixation, and some striking similarities to a certain season opener... The Oncoming Storm... This time we have giant Space Wasps! Hey don't ask us, that's just what you get when a Dalek and a wasp love each other very very much.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 27: BF # 16 The Eighth Man Bound Returns!

Ashley and Josh are back for another episode of The Oncoming Storm... and it's about time! They are welcoming Paul McGann back to the world of Doctor Who by looking at his first audio, Storm Warning by Alan Barnes. And that's not all that they are welcoming, as they are joined by Dr. Scott Viguie and Sacha Dzuba of the Articles of the Shadow Proclamation and Dr. Geek's Laboratory podcasts. Excitement is in the air as they all go back to 2001 and relive the moment when we heard the Eighth Doctor again. Topics range from Paul McGann's hair, to the influence of this series on New Who, to what exactly IS that accent Rathbone? Join the fun in this jam packed episode! The Oncoming Storm... This time we have an actual Doctor! Well, not THE Doctor, but more then just the action figure that we usually record with.

Links for our Lovely Guests!


ITunes:                 Dr. Geek’s Laboratory Podcast




Twitter:                @drgeeklab



For Articles of the Shadow Proclamation


Twitter: @TheShadowProc

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 26: Star Trek/Doctor Who 3-4 Sonic Screwup

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. For the second episode in a row, your hosts Josh and Ashley have failed to record the episode the first time through. So welcome, for the second time to your hosts, to Episode 26! This time the focus is once again on the crossover of the century, Star Trek/Doctor Who! Your hosts are looking at issues 3 & 4, in the desperate hope that something actually happens with this whole Borg/Cyberman team up thing. This being the second attempt to make this episode, it is a little truncated, but it's not the size that counts, right? Right? Um, well, do enjoy the discussion of needless decompression, shifting art styles, and the proper way to hold sonic screwdrivers. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have Tom Baker and William Shatner! Who needs those new guys?!?

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_26.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 25: NA # 10 Doctor Who and the Prostitutes

Josh and Ashley are behind the 8 ball here in the 25th episode of The Oncoming Storm. After recording a really excellent episode, technical issues sent it to podcast heaven, never to be heard again. Your hosts have persevered however, and come back to record it again! So for the second time, Josh and Ashley are looking at this month's New Adventure, Transit by Ben Aaronovitch. Yes, yes, the one with all the naughty bits in it. Josh and Ashley tackle the issue head on... which leads to a wildly debated tangent on what exactly can and should be included in Doctor Who. And then somehow the canon debate gets brought up. But don't worry, they DO talk about Transit... eventually. Oh, and they briefly talk about Asylum of the Daleks, so if you don't want to hear about it, skip past the 4 minute mark ;) The Oncoming Storm... this time, we've got Prostitutes, Joyboys, and Catfood Monsters! The future, everyone!

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_25.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 24: BF # 14 The Ethics of Killing Goombas

Back on schedule for episode 24! This week, Josh and Ashley are looking at one of Ashley's favorite audios, though he's not quite sure just why he loves it so darn much. Yes, it's time to look at The Holy Terror by Rob Shearman, in all of it's bloody, penguin filled glory! And boy, things get deep this week, as your hosts discuss religion and ceremony, and debate the ethics of killing technologically created beings. HOW MUCH MASS MURDER HAVE YOU COMMITTED STOMPING ON GOOMBAS??? (And yes, this topic actually does come up.) Join us, won't you? The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have a creepy, mass murdering kid! On second thought, maybe we should exchange him for something...

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 23: BF # 13 The Audio New Adventure

Hey, we're back! Better late then never with the 23rd episode of the Oncoming Storm! Sorry for the delay, but unforseen technical issues made it impossible to get the episode up on time. But we're back, and The Oncoming Servers are up and better then ever! And in this belated episode, your hosts Josh and Ashley are looking at a special treat, as Big Finish goes all New Adventure and brings us an audio featuring The Doctor, Ace and Benny! Yes, it's The Shadow of the Scourge by Paul Cornell. Everything is all master plans and betrayals in this adventure set between An All-Consuming Fire and Blood Harvest. This means, while we have just met Benny in our NA episodes, this story is well into the heart of the New Adventures. But don't worry, your hosts are here to guide you through it all and keep you up to speed. Sit back and enjoy, and let them do all the work! The Oncoming Storm... this time, we've all got third arms! It's a giant insect thing, you wouldn't understand.

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_23.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 22: The Iron Legion - Doctor Who meets 2000AD

Josh and Ashley are back for the 22nd episode of The Oncoming Storm, and this time, they're heading further back into the show's history then normal! They have set the wayback machine for 1979 and the premiere of a little magazine called Doctor Who Weekly. That's right, it's time for some classic comics, and it doesn't get much more classic then Doctor Who and the Iron Legion by Pat Mills and Dave Gibbons! Yes, THAT Dave Gibbons! It's a meeting of eras, where the kidcentric Doctor Who strips of the past meet some 2000AD sensibilities. Join your hosts as they discuss rude looking aliens, crazy plot contrivances, and ask "What exactly IS the Doctor doing with that dip stick???" The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have a parrot headed robot! Yeah, that's what we said too.

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_22.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 21: NA #9 They Say in Heaven Love Comes First... NOT THIS TIME BELINDA

The Oncoming Storm is now officially legal! And what better way to celebrate then with one of the classics of the New Adventures range, Love and War by Paul Cornell. If that's not enough, your hosts Josh and Ashley are joined by a special guest, Matt Kramer of the Legion of Substitute Podcasters! Matt has his work cut out for him to get a word in however, as Josh and Ashley are at it again, with Josh singing the praises of the book, and Ashley not quite ready to nominate it as a holy artifact just yet. There's discussion on teenage angst, the murder of Colin Baker, and Benny of course. And the ultimate question is raised: "Why exactly does Ace fall for that dirty hippy"? The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have murderous, blood drinking fungi! You'll never look at a portabella the same way again after this one!

Oy, that's a long way to go for an episode title innit?

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 20: BF #12 We Need Sleep

WARNING: THIS PODCAST WAS CREATED UNDER EXTREME SLEEP DEPRIVED CONDITIONS. It's late at night, but Ashley and Josh still have a podcast to do, though they probably really shouldn't! They are looking at a gem of a historical, The Fires of Vulcan by Steve Lyons. Your hosts really seem to like it, even if they have issues making coherent sentences come out of their mouths. Join them as they wonder just how it is they now seem to really like Mel, mispronounce every name in the story, and debate which lava filled Doctor Who story set in Pompei they like best. The Oncoming Storm... This time we've got nothing. Just make it a drinking game or something. One drink for everytime Ashley says I agree, one for when Josh stumbles over a word, and down the whole thing when Josh finds himself rambling on about The Aztecs and is unable to find a point.

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_20.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 19: BF #11 Laser Blasts Galore!

Daleks! On Gallifrey! With President Romana! No, it's not your teenage fan fiction story; it's The Apocalypse Element by Stephen Cole on the newest episode of The Oncoming Storm with Josh and Ashley! Has Josh prepared himself enough to cover another Stephen Cole story? Is there enough booze in the universe for that? Meanwhile, Ashley is ready for a story back in space with all of the aliens and spaceships he can handle! Will this story find a place in Ashley's heart? There's needless talk of human retinas, impotent Gallifreyans, and laser blasts... lots and lots of laser blasts... all in the 19th episode of The Oncoming Storm! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have lazer blasts! Lots of em! ... Did I mention that there's laser blasts? Oh, and explosions! Yep, quite a lot of em... Isn't that exciting???

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_19.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 18: Star Trek/Doctor Who 1-2 So a Time Lord and an Android walk into a Bar...

Boldly Go... to the 18th episode of The Oncoming Storm! Universes are colliding and Ashley & Josh are suffering from the resulting chaos with numerous technical problems. As they struggle to tame the glitches, your hosts are looking at some pretty pictures for a change with a review of the first 2 issues of the Star Trek Doctor Who crossover comic book from IDW. Will the Doctor "Make it so"? Will Rory cross bat'leths with Worf? Will Riker make a move on Amy? Maybe... if these two crews ever meet in this comic! Listen to what Ashley & Josh have to say about all of this in the latest episode of The Oncoming Storm. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have Klingon, Cybermen, and Borg, Oh My!

Direct download: Oncoming_Storm_Ep_18.mp3
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 17: NA # 8 Nostalgia Kills

Remember the good old days, the ones where everything was better then it is now? Well Ashley and Josh sure can, but they had better watch out! They're reviewing Nightshade by Mark Gatiss, and that means remembering those good old days can be dangerous. While they're dodging phantoms looking to devour their souls, Ashley and Josh are busy gushing about Mr. Gatiss's first novel. Things are looking up in the New Adventures... well, unless you're Ace, and your love life is really starting to take a turn for the worse (Thanks Doctor). Quatermass, a depressed Doctor, and the actions of lovelorn teens are all discussed here in the 17th episode of the Oncoming Storm! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have our first ancient evil entity! Ooooooo, Our 1st one! How exciting!

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The Oncoming Storm: The upcoming schedule

Here is our tentative schedule for the next 3 months. That way if anyone wants to send us any thoughts on the story we are covering for an episode, we can read it on the show as we discuss the topic! Novel idea, I know...

July 12 - NA # 8 Nightshade by Mark Gatiss

July 19 - Star Trek/Doctor Who Assimilation2 Issues 1&2

July 26 - BF # 11 The Apocalypse Element by Stephen Cole

August 2- BF # 12 The Fires of Vulcan by Andrew Cartmel

August 9- NA # 9 Love and War by Paul Cornell

August 16 - Doctor Who Comics: Doctor Who and the Iron Legion

August 23- BF # 13 The Shadow of the Scourge by Paul Cornell

August 30- BF # 14 The Holy Terror by Rob Shearman

September 6 - NA # 10 Transit by Ben Aaronovitch

September 13 - Star Trek/Doctor Who Assimilation2 Issues 3&4

September 20 -BF # 15 The Mutant Phase by Nicholas Briggs

September 27- BF # 16 Storm Warning by Alan Barnes

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 16: BF #10 "I Smell the Claws of the Doctor in This!" WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Welcome to the 16th Episode of the Oncoming Storm! Make sure you have your refreshments, because you're to see your hosts Ashley and Josh go head to head in this one. They're looking at Winter  for the Adept by Andrew Cartmel, featuring the 5th Doctor and Nyssa... or does it?And what are they fighting about? The deeper meanings and themes of the story? Do they disagree on if the story is any good? Nope, its just the meaning behind one throw away line. After finally working their way through that meaningless topic, there is discussion about gentleman ghosts, Nyssa's attitude, and sluttiness in Doctor Who. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have plain old conquering aliens... and I take it back. Where's the unicorns?

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 15: BF # 9 The Two Nicholas's

Episode 15! Ashley and Josh are back and enjoying the velvet tones of Nicholas Courtney as they review their next Big Finish audio, The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, by Nicholas Pegg. This combination of Nicholases is joined by Colin Baker and Maggie Stables, and Ashley and Josh couldn't be happier. It's time for a traditional story, and for once, Josh is loving it! Listen to the debate on the Brigadier's flirting, Goblin noises, and your run of the mill megalomaniacal madman, all on your latest episode of The Oncoming Storm. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have goblins! Goblins, unicorns... when are we gonna just have some plain old conquering aliens???

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