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The Oncoming Storm Summer Special 2015: A Brave New World

Hey, we said we'd put in an appearance or two while we were on hiatus! And by popular demand, we're doing a special summer episode, just like DWM used to do back in the day! So what's the reason for getting in from the beach? Why, there just happened to be some monumental news coming out of Big Finish land, and Josh, Ashley, Rachel, and Jeff just *had* to talk about it! And as a bonus to round out the episode, we have the Big Finish panel that Josh and Rachel did at the Timegate convention on Sunday morning. (Warning: Sunday morning panels are the worst! Be prepared for hungover brain addled panelists!) It ends up being kind of a Big Finish 101 panel, but hey, at least that means new people are still coming to Big Finish! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got SPOILERS SWEETIE!

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  • Hey thanks Liam! As you can probably tell, we didn't see this until we came to upload summer special # 2 today. And don't worry, we'll be back on a regular basis starting in two weeks... and there's going to be a format change up that we think you'll be very happy with...

    posted by: The Oncoming Storm on 2015-08-13 00:18:08

  • Glad to have you guys back, even it'll be a while until the next one. I missed having a podcast talk about the spin off stuff every week. The news series announcement is great. Can't wait to see what big finish does with their new toys.

    posted by: liam on 2015-07-13 07:44:06

  • Great to have you back (even if it will be a while untill the next episode). It's great to have a podcast consistantly talk about the audios. Was wondering if you would consider talking about more recent audios on occasion. Very excited about the news of BF getting to play with all these new toys. Can't wait to see what they do with it. Wish you had more comments on this site.

    posted by: liam on 2015-07-09 21:35:29

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