The Oncoming Storm, A Doctor Who Spinoff Media Podcast, is brought to you by Mad Norwegian's Josh Wilson and Timegate's Ashley Raburn, along with Jeff Polier and Rachel Stewart. The Oncoming Storm exists to inform you about the best and brightest books, audios, comics, etc from the Doctor Who universe! From Big Finish to Virgin Books to Titan Comics... This is the Doctor Who you won't find on television!
The Oncoming Storm Ep 77: BF #33 Oncoming Storm NOW.INF

And we're back! Again! But not as long between episodes this time. There's been a lot going on at Oncoming Storm HQ, and now you get to see the results! Episode 77 is here, but behind the scenes, we've been calling it Season 2 Episode 1! Your regular hosts Josh and Ashley are still here, but now they have regular backup! Sacha, Hannah, and Rachel are now here to round out this fully armed and operational battlestation! After a rouond of proper introductions, it's time to get back to work, and this week we're back with the 8th Doctor in Neverland by Alan Barnes. This story brings the second Big Finish season of the 8th Doctor Adventures to a close. Was it all worth it? Join us to see what our team thinks! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got anti time particles in our throats. Cuz everyone knows that those pesky things go right for the larynx.

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  • We debated the ratings scale, but majority consensus was out of 5. For the record, I wanted out of 10, but hey, democracy. :)

    posted by: Oncoming Storm on 2013-11-21 23:27:59

  • Why are the ratings out of 5? Ten point scales work so much better.

    posted by: Kroton on 2013-11-14 22:45:51

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