The Oncoming Storm, A Doctor Who Spinoff Media Podcast, is brought to you by Mad Norwegian's Josh Wilson and Timegate's Ashley Raburn, along with Jeff Polier and Rachel Stewart. The Oncoming Storm exists to inform you about the best and brightest books, audios, comics, etc from the Doctor Who universe! From Big Finish to Virgin Books to Titan Comics... This is the Doctor Who you won't find on television!
The Oncoming Storm Ep 30: Dalek Empire 1 "Wait, Their Plan Was What?"

It's the second episode of the week for The Oncoming Storm. As Ashley and Josh try to to recover from yet another computer crash resulting in two slightly delayed episodes, Ashley is still in a great mood! Why? Because it's time for Dalek Empire, that's why! This week, your hosts are looking at the entire first series of the seminal Dalek Empire stories, by the multi talented Nicholas Briggs. It's a series of stories WITHOUT the Doctor! And <gasp> the Daleks have never been better for it! Listen as Ashley and Josh discuss just how well the Daleks fare without the Doctor around to hog all the glory, the insanity of Dalek planning, and just how many traitors can fit into one series! The Oncoming Storm... This time we have an Angel of Mercy! Don't Blink!


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