The Oncoming Storm, A Doctor Who Spinoff Media Podcast, is brought to you by Mad Norwegian's Josh Wilson and Timegate's Ashley Raburn, along with Jeff Polier and Rachel Stewart. The Oncoming Storm exists to inform you about the best and brightest books, audios, comics, etc from the Doctor Who universe! From Big Finish to Virgin Books to Titan Comics... This is the Doctor Who you won't find on television!
The Oncoming Storm Ep 115: NA # 28 Blood Harvest - The Gallifrey Way

Listen up, see! Dis here is not like any of da other episodes of Da Oncoming Storm. Dis one is full of gangsters! Da Ol' Doc has gone to Chicago in 1929 to hang out wit da big boss, Al Capone. Doc's after some big gumba shaking up da Chicago scene and...

Bleh! Bleh! Ve don't vant to forget to mention the vampires! Ve are the important part of the story! Our part is a sequel to "State of Decay", and von't that excite every vone?

Sheesh. Gangsters and Vampires. That means it can only be one thing. Blood Harvest by Terrance Dicks. Episode 115 sees Josh, Ashley, and Rachel journey from Chicago to E-Space to Gallifrey as they follow the Doctor's attempt to dispatch the entity Agonal, and deal with a conspiracy on Gallifrey! This week's topics include clichés, sexism, and Terrance Dicks's uncanny ability to capture the character of any Doctor! There's also this week's news, featuring yet another Big Finish adaptation of a New Adventure! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got some dirty peasants! What, did you think I'd be all excited about some gangsters or vampires?

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 114: New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield - Back to the 90's?

Finally! After all this time, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived! Well, it's the moment Josh has been waiting for, and he doesn't care if anyone else has been waiting for it, because he now gets to talk about The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield on The Oncoming Storm episode 114! Does it live up to all of his wants and desires to return to the days of the New Adventures? Ashley, Rachel, and Sacha will join him to see if this box set is more of a Love and War or a The Pit. Featuring 4 stories; The Revolution by Nev Fountain, Goodnight, Sweet Ladies by Una McCormick, Random Ghosts by Guy Adams, and The Lights of Skaro by James Goss, the box takes Benny, the Doctor, and Ace from the streets of science obsessed Arvium 2 to the dead cities of Skaro.  This one is an extra sized episode, but how could it not be when we're talking the triumphant return of Benny to the TARDIS?!? The Oncoming Storm... this time, we've got Benny, the Doctor, violent deaths, and uncomfortable sexual situations... It's 1994 all over again!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 113: Timegate Interviews - A Writer and Artist walk into a bar...

And now for something completely different! With Ashley off in the wild of the professional concrete jungle, The Oncoming Storm finds itself adrift and unable to complete it's weekly duties! But never fear, the moment has been prepared for. In episode 113, The Oncoming Storm journey's back in a time a few months to present you with some of the best from it's local convention, Timegate! First up, Join Ashley and Josh as they take a look back at the IDW tenure of the Doctor Who comics with accomplished Doctor Who artist, Kelly Yates! After that, stay tuned for Ashley's talk with the legendary Terrance Dicks. Consider it a little preview for our upcoming Blood Harvest episode! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've no book but two special guests. We do hope you'll tune in to hear people with actual talent!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 112: BF # 46 - It Doesn't Matter If It's Black or White

Oooooohhhhh, we are horrible, sniveling podcaster things, who must suffer at the hands of our listeners. Each week, we are treated worse and worse, as the hate crimes against podcasters increase. If you were kind and honorable listeners, you would certainly take the time to listen to episode 112 of The Oncoming Storm, wherein we talk about Flip Flop by one Jonathan Morris. Do you want to perform hate crimes against us? That's what you are doing  by not listening to your miserable, ugly hosts Josh, Ashley, Sacha, and Rachel discuss Slithergees, predestination paradoxes, and the sex lives of presidents. We even pander to your base desires and talk about "The Doctor", although it probably makes no difference to you. Take pity upon us, RIGHT NOW, and listen to our humble thoughts... then listen to all 112 episodes again. Just to show you aren't as horrible as us.

The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got two of everybody. That certainly won't get confusing.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 111: BF #45 Forge-ing Ahead

Once again, The Oncoming Storm is faced with that amoral government organization who reverse engineers alien technology, Torchwood The Forge! That's right, the nefarious agent Nimrod is back, menacing not just one, but two Doctors, in Project: Lazarus by Cavan Scott & Mark Wight! Big Finish continues with their experimental phase as they give us a release with not just one, but two stories, detailing the Forge's evil Project: Lazarus! What is this secret project, and why is it so necessary that the Doctor take part? Join Josh, Ashley, Rachel, and Sacha as they venture to the cold tundra of Norway to find out! That, plus the news of the week, featuring the return of one of Ashley's favorite villains! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a LOT of Doctors... more than you'd think even from the CD cover!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep #110: Dalek Empire II - Dalek Harder!

Episode 110 of The Oncoming Storm is upon you! This week, as a birthday present to Ashley, the crew has decided to let him go back to Dalek Empire! Dalek Empire II - Dalek Harder  Dalek War by Nicholas Briggs sees the return of Kalendorf, Susan Mendes, and all our old friends from Dalek Empire 1, along with some other dimensional Daleks. A team up with other dimensional Daleks in order to fight the Daleks who enslaved you can't go wrong, right? Join Ashley, Josh, Sacha, and Rachel as they discuss the horrors of (Dalek) war, obvious traps, and just how awful Alby Brook really is. All of that, plus a discussion where you hear your hosts' opinion on exactly what makes for good Doctor Who spin off material! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got Varga Plants! Because why shoot someone, when you can just prick them with a giant, crazy-inducing cactus!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 109: NA # 27 - The Original Wholock

Doctor Who. Sherlock Holmes. The Cthulhu Mythos. No, these are not just some of our favorite things at The Oncoming Storm. Well, we mean, they are, but that's not why we're talking about them today. No, today sees Josh, Ashley, and Rachel talking about why may be the greatest crossover ever seen in episode 109! That's right, this week your hosts are discussing All-Consuming Fire by Andy Lane! Witness the Doctor and Holmes in their battle of wits! The consummate pairing of Bernice and Watson! Or if you like a bit of rough, Watson and Ace! It's time to channel our inner Tumblr... on a book that came out almost 20 years before there was such a thing as Wholock! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a human suitcase who can make you spontaneously combust! And that's one of the less crazy things in the book!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 108: BF #44 The Impact of Meddlesome... Time Travelers

We are now two weeks into June... and there is no Bernice Summerfield box set released yet for Josh to moon over. So in the meantime, Josh, Ashley, and Rachel are back to record episode 108 of The Oncoming Storm podcast! To start things off, there's discussion of what your hosts have been up to lately, and that means a lot of con talk! During the conversation, Josh has a moment, and his heart grows three times its size! Once that's all over with, it's time for the main event, talking about the Big Finish story Creatures of Beauty by Nicholas Briggs. It's a tale of confusion and repercussions, told in a unique, non linear way. Will your hosts succomb to its alluring ways, or will they become lost in the non traditional storytelling? The Oncoming Storm... This time, out story we've sync got crazy a of... of with stabbing lots!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 107: BF # 43 Belting Buccaneers and Descanting Doctors

Warm up your vocal chords everyone! This isn't an ordinary episode of The Oncoming Storm. That's right, episode 107 is the musical episode! Well, it would have been, if Ashley and Rachel had let Josh have his way! But alas, gentle listener, you will just have to be content with the soothing sounds of Colin Baker singing, in Doctor Who and the Pirates, or The Lass Who Lost a Sailor, by Jacqueline Rayner. What's that? You don't like musicals? Well tough, because this is one story that is worth it! Stick around for the best little comedy-drama-musical with heart you've heard in ages! We dare you to not be humming along to "I Am the Very Model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer" by the end of it! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a pirate... with 2 Peg Legs! Of course he does! It's in the story!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 106: Emperor of the Daleks - Continuity Comics!

It's the last week in May, which means it will soon be June! And you know what that means!?! If you answered "The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield  is coming out!", then you must either work for Big Finish, or be Josh. In his excitement over the impending release, Josh has taken over the subject matter of the podcast, and it's all Benny, all the time! This week, that means a return to the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip in the days where Benny graced it's pages. That means it time to talk about Emperor of the Daleks, by Paul Cornell and Lee Sullivan! In a linking of continuity you wouldn't believe, this comic shows everyone how Davros went from being arrested by Daleks to leading his own faction of Imperial Daleks! Which wouldn't be complete without a visit to Spiridon of course! Ashley, Josh, and special guest Jeff Polier also take some time to answer what old comic concept or character they'd like see return to the strips! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got two Docs, a Daak, and the loveliest archeologist ever to grace Doctor Who!

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