The Oncoming Storm, A Doctor Who Spinoff Media Podcast, is brought to you by Mad Norwegian's Josh Wilson and Timegate's Ashley Raburn, along with Jeff Polier and Rachel Stewart. The Oncoming Storm exists to inform you about the best and brightest books, audios, comics, etc from the Doctor Who universe! From Big Finish to Virgin Books to Titan Comics... This is the Doctor Who you won't find on television!
The Oncoming Storm Ep 33: NA #12 Down in the Pit

This is where you would normally be welcomed to the newest episode of The Oncoming Storm, episode 33 in fact. But this time, your hosts just can't seem to gather the will to do it. You see, they've just read and talked about The Pit by Neil Penswick. It has sucked all of the humor out of them. They were lucky to escape with their lives. And if that doesn't tempt you to listen to this episode, nothing will. Luckily for you, you don't actually have to read the thing, you can just listen to this episode to suffer vicariously through Josh and Ashley's anguish. And there's talk of weeks old news!

The Oncoming Storm... this time, we're just kidding. It's not all that bad... or is it??? dun dun DUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 32: BF #18 A Future Historical

Venice! The Queen of the Adriatic, the City of Water, a fairy city of the heart... A hotbed for vampire & ancient aliens??? Join your hosts Josh and Ashley as they accompany the Eighth Doctor and Charley down the serene canals of this fabled city in this week's featured story, The Stones of Venice by Paul Magrs. Your hosts are mesmerized by Paul Magrs's dialogue, so much so that Ashley can't even concentrate enough to focus on the conversation! When Josh is able to wake him up, historical comparisons are made, Josh recounts meeting character actors in bars, and Ashley is fired. And we have a second week of breaking news! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have a surprising lack of vampires in Venice! Mr. Moffat, have you lied to us???

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 31: BF #17 ROBOT ROLECALL!

Ashley and Josh are back, almost on schedule for The Oncoming Storm, episode 31! This time around, your hosts are heading into the future, post Cyber Wars, to look at The Sword of Orion by Nicholas Briggs. That guy again?!? The way he's everywhere in these audios, they'll be putting him on the tv show next! Will Ashley and Josh like this one as much as they liked The Mutant Phase & Dalek Empire? Listen as the merits of retreading old ground, Ashley's inabilty to imagine without correct cover art, and Josh's attempts not to be Negative Nancy are all discussed. That, and some breaking news! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have nasties on an old spaceship, both human and Cyber! And no, Mr. Saward, it's not Earthshock, we promise.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 30: Dalek Empire 1 "Wait, Their Plan Was What?"

It's the second episode of the week for The Oncoming Storm. As Ashley and Josh try to to recover from yet another computer crash resulting in two slightly delayed episodes, Ashley is still in a great mood! Why? Because it's time for Dalek Empire, that's why! This week, your hosts are looking at the entire first series of the seminal Dalek Empire stories, by the multi talented Nicholas Briggs. It's a series of stories WITHOUT the Doctor! And <gasp> the Daleks have never been better for it! Listen as Ashley and Josh discuss just how well the Daleks fare without the Doctor around to hog all the glory, the insanity of Dalek planning, and just how many traitors can fit into one series! The Oncoming Storm... This time we have an Angel of Mercy! Don't Blink!


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The Oncoming Storm Ep 29: NA #11 Turtle Power!

We're back! It's a belated mid week episode of The Oncoming Storm! While we apologise for the delay, we have a special treat for you. We're looking at the debut novel of prolific Who writer Gareth Roberts, writer of many a Who novel and television episode. How does the writer of such episodes as The Lodger and Closing Time do in his 1st attempt? Pretty well if you ask us! See where it all began for Mr. Roberts as Josh and Ashley examine the New Adventure The Highest Science. What is the secret of the Highest Science? What does a train of English commuters and some drugged out hippies have to do with it? And what's a Chelonian? You may just find these answers in The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got giant talking turtles, but they aren't interested in sharing any pizza!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 28: BF # 15 Mutating Mutants!

Daleks! Time Corridors! Unknowing double agents! No, it's not Resurrection of the Daleks, it's The Mutant Phase by Nicholas Briggs, on episode 28 of The Oncoming Storm. The Dalek mutants are, uh, mutating, and it's up to The Doctor to save them. Your hosts Josh and Ashley are digging in to discuss the problems with paradoxes, Ashley's Thal fixation, and some striking similarities to a certain season opener... The Oncoming Storm... This time we have giant Space Wasps! Hey don't ask us, that's just what you get when a Dalek and a wasp love each other very very much.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 27: BF # 16 The Eighth Man Bound Returns!

Ashley and Josh are back for another episode of The Oncoming Storm... and it's about time! They are welcoming Paul McGann back to the world of Doctor Who by looking at his first audio, Storm Warning by Alan Barnes. And that's not all that they are welcoming, as they are joined by Dr. Scott Viguie and Sacha Dzuba of the Articles of the Shadow Proclamation and Dr. Geek's Laboratory podcasts. Excitement is in the air as they all go back to 2001 and relive the moment when we heard the Eighth Doctor again. Topics range from Paul McGann's hair, to the influence of this series on New Who, to what exactly IS that accent Rathbone? Join the fun in this jam packed episode! The Oncoming Storm... This time we have an actual Doctor! Well, not THE Doctor, but more then just the action figure that we usually record with.

Links for our Lovely Guests!


ITunes:                 Dr. Geek’s Laboratory Podcast




Twitter:                @drgeeklab



For Articles of the Shadow Proclamation


Twitter: @TheShadowProc

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 26: Star Trek/Doctor Who 3-4 Sonic Screwup

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. For the second episode in a row, your hosts Josh and Ashley have failed to record the episode the first time through. So welcome, for the second time to your hosts, to Episode 26! This time the focus is once again on the crossover of the century, Star Trek/Doctor Who! Your hosts are looking at issues 3 & 4, in the desperate hope that something actually happens with this whole Borg/Cyberman team up thing. This being the second attempt to make this episode, it is a little truncated, but it's not the size that counts, right? Right? Um, well, do enjoy the discussion of needless decompression, shifting art styles, and the proper way to hold sonic screwdrivers. The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have Tom Baker and William Shatner! Who needs those new guys?!?

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 25: NA # 10 Doctor Who and the Prostitutes

Josh and Ashley are behind the 8 ball here in the 25th episode of The Oncoming Storm. After recording a really excellent episode, technical issues sent it to podcast heaven, never to be heard again. Your hosts have persevered however, and come back to record it again! So for the second time, Josh and Ashley are looking at this month's New Adventure, Transit by Ben Aaronovitch. Yes, yes, the one with all the naughty bits in it. Josh and Ashley tackle the issue head on... which leads to a wildly debated tangent on what exactly can and should be included in Doctor Who. And then somehow the canon debate gets brought up. But don't worry, they DO talk about Transit... eventually. Oh, and they briefly talk about Asylum of the Daleks, so if you don't want to hear about it, skip past the 4 minute mark ;) The Oncoming Storm... this time, we've got Prostitutes, Joyboys, and Catfood Monsters! The future, everyone!

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 24: BF # 14 The Ethics of Killing Goombas

Back on schedule for episode 24! This week, Josh and Ashley are looking at one of Ashley's favorite audios, though he's not quite sure just why he loves it so darn much. Yes, it's time to look at The Holy Terror by Rob Shearman, in all of it's bloody, penguin filled glory! And boy, things get deep this week, as your hosts discuss religion and ceremony, and debate the ethics of killing technologically created beings. HOW MUCH MASS MURDER HAVE YOU COMMITTED STOMPING ON GOOMBAS??? (And yes, this topic actually does come up.) Join us, won't you? The Oncoming Storm... This time, we have a creepy, mass murdering kid! On second thought, maybe we should exchange him for something...

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